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future birds: finding the first piece
So welcome back to future birds so Ed and his friend discovered a tablet that's from the past and that's when adventures start.
Poly: this must mean something.
Ed: oh just look at the pictures on it.
Rich: wait a second this thing is made of gold.
Ed: yes your right rich.
Marta: hmm let me see that it looks like a map.
Ed: so what does it says.
Marta: I it looks like pictures.
Ed: yeah.
She read it.
Marta: you have discovered the first piece of the puzzle you people from the future now use this piece to guide you to the next piece.
Ed: oh yeah adventure time.
Rich: wait wait what about our parents they'll get worried.
Marta: we can tell them lies.
Ed: yeah lie Marta lie.
Marta: yeah so they won't get worried.
Ed: yeah and summer is almost here any way.
Poly: yeah true.
Marta: so let's go we all meet at the park.
So they all told there parents.
Ed: okay I told them I was going to out with you Marta.
Marta: okay same here.
Poly: I told them I'll be back.
Rich: we told them the sam
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future birds: now enemies?
Well now the my bird characters my OCs now are going to have enemies oh no so let's start.
It was a normal day in birdtopia that's located in the Atlantic ocean is an island, then Ed and poly were going to bye some ice cream also there's no crimes and is peaceful in my story yeah.
Ed: hey poly is fun having friends but it well better going on adventures with my friends.
Poly: yeah that we'll never happen.
Ed: yeah, but it might.
Then a bird walk up to them and destroyed their ice cream.
Poly: what what.
Ed: hey hey that's rude I'm out of here.
Poly: me too.
Bird: your friends will be no more you crow.
Then he started to run faster.
Poly: what happened there.
Ed: I don't know.
Marta: oh hi Ed my love crow.
Ed: hi Marta.
Marta: hehe.
Then that same bird was looking at him from far.
Bird: your love will be gone and you'll never live again.
Poly: hey stop.
Bird: the normal time won't be normal the truth is coming the battle is coming our peace won't last forever.
Then he hides behin
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future birds: how Ed's friendship began pt 2
So welcome to part 2 of this story yeah it doesn't end yet so let's start and it's still first person ​view  just for this part of the story​ okay.
So I was mining my own business then was thinking about a few ideas that me and my friend poly were talking.
Ed: hey poly um I want to tell you that is fun having a friend but having more friends can be more fun.
Poly: yeah.
Ed: you Know I want to ask marta and her friends if she wants to be my friend to.
Yeah this was before my OC Ed aka me feel in love just friends.
Poly: okay you ask her.
Ed: okay I'll go.
I went to Marta.
Marta: oh hi Ed.
Ed: hey Marty.
Marta: Marty?
Marta: I mean marta.
Marta: no is okay.
She smiled.
Marta: so what are you going to tell me.
Ed: if you wanted to be my friend.
Marta: yeah Ed....
Ed: um Marta.
I was confused.
Marta: oh great here he comes.
Ed: what.
Falcon: hey!
Ed: gah.
I was shock there was falcon.
Marta: hey my love.
Ed: um who's that.
Marta: oh that's Ricardo my boyfriend.
Ricardo: ye
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future birds: how Ed friendship began pt 1
So the year was 4013 September 1st yeas that's when they start school in my story and I'm going to use first person view of you don't know what it is, is when the character says like I or me aka just a story.
So it was normal day in TX I was ready for my first day in middle School 6 grade also I'm Ed the crow aka Eduardo.
Ed: okay this is not going to be bad.
I walk in and open the door.
Then when I walk in I saw birds of different colors, sizes and shapes.
Ed: wow.
I walked​ and look around then I bump in to a bird with glasses.
Ed: oh sorry.
Bird: is okay so first year huh.
Ed: yeah.
Bird: we don't see crows here​ very often.
Ed: oh you don't.
Bird: no.
Ed: well I have to go to first period class it's on my schedule.
I left.
Bird: hmm.
I went to class then I saw all desk were full expect for one then I was going to get to it then a dove came up to me.
Dove: hey hey that's my seat.
She said.
Ed: oh sorry.
Dove: oh that's okay you can that seat in the left.
Is was the seat
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I need to work on the things but i get to much in my head i for get others so dont forget riocraft thats me i trying to remember the stuff to do.


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well I make stories and I don't make vore, nudity, kind of blood and violence but I do like making birds in bikinis alot. I have OCs I a fan of Rio. I'm a good crow, am also a fan Minecraft. also Ed the crow is me aka Eduardo. also I have a YouTube channel is…


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