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im the sexyest bird in the tribe. by riocraft im the sexyest bird in the tribe. :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 if Poly met Roberto. by riocraft if Poly met Roberto. :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 33 happy summer everyone by riocraft happy summer everyone :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 6 My line design of a wolf. by riocraft My line design of a wolf. :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 0 tickle wall #1 by riocraft tickle wall #1 :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 14 sara in her planet by riocraft sara in her planet :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 0 happy mother's day weekend by riocraft happy mother's day weekend :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 Sara alien Humanoid bird. by riocraft Sara alien Humanoid bird. :iconriocraft:riocraft 2 0 Marta digital (update) by riocraft Marta digital (update) :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 0 ed digital (update) by riocraft ed digital (update) :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 Olivia the seagull by riocraft Olivia the seagull :iconriocraft:riocraft 2 0 my human companion by riocraft my human companion :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 0 i found a Rio Easter egg in Minecraft by riocraft i found a Rio Easter egg in Minecraft :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 2
future birds: second piece.
Well it was another normal day in birdtopia Ed the Crow who always wear a green shirt and blue pants, brown eye color and a yellow beak, (birds don't wear shoes) he was playing some video games on his room with his adopted sister Olivia the seagull, she wears a yellow shirt and black shorts, she has a star fish on her head, but she is the cute one. If you already know how the characters look like I'm telling to other people who haven't seen my characters that's why.
So they were playing bird craft it was fun for them.
Olivia: yea yeah is so funny.
Ed: I know sis.
Then Ed gets a text on his flyphone (is like an iPhone but different is more stronger).
Ed: oh is Poly, he saying we saw something weird in the tablet.
Olivia: oh so your leaving me again (sniff).
Ed: you know what you can come with me I'll need to tell mom and dad that we'll be gone for awhile.
Olivia: yes.
She smiles.
They Walk from the room to the kitchen.
Mostly Ed parents are crows their mother was wearing a pink shirt an
:iconriocraft:riocraft 1 0
sexy crow Jess by riocraft sexy crow Jess :iconriocraft:riocraft 2 66 Mimi's Bikini by riocraft Mimi's Bikini :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 2


Jewel! by asher-050100 Jewel! :iconasher-050100:asher-050100 29 36
Poly tickles Ed
Poly was playing birdcraft on a regular afternoon when suddenly his door knocked. He paused the game and opened, it was his crow-friend Ed
Poly: Oooh hello ed my friend
He happily hugged him
Ed: Hello my little green friend, how are you?
He asked and hugged him back
Poly: Very good! I was just playing birdcraft, come in
Ed followed him to his computer
Poly: Have a look at this
He said and showed him a sculpture he created in the game which represented him
Ed: Hehe is that me? It looks awesome!
Poly: Thank you ^_^ it took me quite some time to make it. I also have another one
He said and showed him another sculpture near to this which was representing both the birds tickling each other
Ed: Heh is that us having a tickle fight?
Poly: Yeees
He grinned
Ed: Heh hey would you actually like to have a tickle fight
Poly: Oh yeeeei this will be fun
Ed: Alright, take of your t shirt
Poly: sure
He took it off and ed also took off his one
Ed: So, first who laughs loses, the winner can tickle the lo
:icontrela1:Trela1 2 12
-Iolana- by Galaxy-Of-Stars -Iolana- :icongalaxy-of-stars:Galaxy-Of-Stars 22 15 The newer Beto pic coming soon by StrongestBird The newer Beto pic coming soon :iconstrongestbird:StrongestBird 3 0 Me the macaw by StrongestBird Me the macaw :iconstrongestbird:StrongestBird 3 1 Primitive War: Cyclops the Utahraptor ( updated ) by Hellraptor Primitive War: Cyclops the Utahraptor ( updated ) :iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 163 32 RIO by LunaMach RIO :iconlunamach:LunaMach 64 51 Let Me Take You To Rio by Elixirmy Let Me Take You To Rio :iconelixirmy:Elixirmy 572 83 Rio 2 Fire! by NathanFowkesArt Rio 2 Fire! :iconnathanfowkesart:NathanFowkesArt 212 8 Funtime Foxy by Zoidberg656Art Funtime Foxy :iconzoidberg656art:Zoidberg656Art 323 113 Spring's here! by Thyladactyl Spring's here! :iconthyladactyl:Thyladactyl 63 11 Kille kille kille by Trela1 Kille kille kille :icontrela1:Trela1 17 279
Blu and Jewel play video games
Blu arrived home after going in town for some fun
Blu: Jewel! Come and see what I've buy!
Jewel then came
Jewel: Oh hello Blu what have you bought?
He showed her two virtual reality helmets and two video game boxes.
Blu: Those are VRRPG games from the game store
Jewel: oh really, lets try them
Blu: Okay, choose one
He gave her the boxes. One of them was called BB Online and displayed a kind of futuristic city with guns and a dark sky. The other was called T-Land Adventure and showed a huge island with many countries
Jewel: umm lets try the T-land Adventure
Blu: Alright
They went in their room and lay on their bed as Blu installed the game on their VR helmets. He gave one to Jewel while he took the other and lay on his bed
Jewel: umm what is the game about?
She laid next to him
Blu: You'll see
He said as Jewel put her helmet on
Blu: Now, just close your eyes: the game will start
Jewel: Sure
She did that
Then, she got plunged into what seemed like an endless tunnel. A message appeared be
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 3 0
Jewel The Dancer
Jewel had to leave her house in the Amazon rainforest after lodgers destroyed everything. She flew over to the city of Rio where she found a job at a restaurant that hired her. Her job consisted of serving food and drinks to customers, performing dances when it was her turn, and if a customer payed, be tickled by them.
Two months later, during a night, Jewel was serving foods and drink to some customers.
She got to new guests
Jewel: Oh, hello welcome in our restaurant what would you like to order?
Customer #1: I'd like to have the lobsters with some red wine
Customer #2: And for me, it will be the meatballs pastas with apple juice
Jewel: Sure okay
She quickly got to bring them the drinks
Suddenly, her boss, a yellow canary taller than Nico, arrived
Boss: Jewel, it's your turn to dance soon. Go get ready
Jewel: sure
She quickly got to change
Her dance suit was a belly dance outfit consisting of a light green skirt and top along with a beautiful necklace for her neck
Jewel: Alright, im r
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 2 1
If Someday, Things Change... by SammfeatBlueheart If Someday, Things Change... :iconsammfeatblueheart:SammfeatBlueheart 26 51 Teacher Rebecca by creatiffy Teacher Rebecca :iconcreatiffy:creatiffy 75 21



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happy summer everyone
Summer is almost here for some and I'd here for some.
My line design of a wolf.
I made this in school since October I work have of last year on 2016 of October it was I hope you like it, and in going to make more furries and line designs.
I going to finish your request okay
Tickle-Lover1 Trela1 KodyBoy555


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eduardo chapa
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well I make stories and I don't make vore, nudity, kind of blood and violence but I do like making birds in bikinis alot. I have OCs I a fan of Rio. I'm a good crow, am also a fan Minecraft. also Ed the crow is me aka Eduardo. also I have a YouTube channel is…


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