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character Bio page 1/2
Hi everyone well if you Know my characters but if you don't I'm going to write a bio about each of my characters if your interested okay.
My characters are Marta, Ed, Rachel poly, Aliza, rich, Olivia, Rashel, Gary, Cassy, Stacy, rosA (with a capital a at the front), mayen (not Mayan) , Gran, globins, darkness, Ronda, oggly carnibians, Jessica, Gilbert, quacken (real name Billy).
Some of these maybe new to you.
Well let's start with the story bio then later with the character bio.
Well the story is base in the future.
Well the story is started in the year 3000 because 180 years ago humans had destroyed all life on earth but some of the animals survive then life was substantial again.
Yeah so in the first part of the​story was a falcon and a pigeon but those were characters that didn't last long so I switched it to the year 4000 or 4017 which the 41st century we but I my story I added my self as the reincarnated character known as Ed.
Now I'm going to tell you about the birds socie
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sparrow dancer :iconriocraft:riocraft 1 13 hi ed, Carla said :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 future birds season 2 (updated) :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 Shadow Darkness :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 2 future birds season 2 poster 1 :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 future bird Carla :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0 A Love Note :iconriocraft:riocraft 2 0 blu mix steve skin :iconriocraft:riocraft 0 0
future birds: first tickle story.
It was a normal day in birdtopia tge teen birds woke up and and it was Ed who tide up.
Ed: hey hey what's going on.
He turns around to poly who was also tide up.
Poly: hey what's going on here.
Ed: I don't know.
Then Aliza and Marta came.
Both: whaa.
Poly was confused.
Ed: what's going on
Marta: well we're going to play a game.
Ed: what type of game?
Aliza: is a fun game.
Poly: oh okay.
Aliza got close to poly feet and put her wings on his feet.
Yeah so in the future birds remember birds don't wear shoes.
Poly: hehe.
He laughed a little.
Then Marta got close to Ed and put her wings on his feet as well.
Ed: hehe.
Then Aliza wiggled her wings on Poly's feet.
Poly: hahaha​.
He started to laugh.
Then Marta did the same to Ed but he tried to hold it in.
Ed: he he haha.
Marta: told you it was going to be fun.
Ed: haha haha.
Poly: haha ha.
Aliza: I hope their enjoying this.
Ed: I don't haha know ha ha.
Poly: yeah hahaha.
Aliza: I know your enjoying this ticking you 15 year old parrot.
:iconriocraft:riocraft 2 17
macaw play :iconriocraft:riocraft 3 4 the ticker 500 on a penguin :iconriocraft:riocraft 2 11 Nettle anthro :iconriocraft:riocraft 3 0


Petunia :iconda-lila27:da-lila27 4 3 The Miracle of life-Alternative Ending (Page 1) :iconsilverbox64:SilverBox64 25 62 spix macaw tribe :iconbestriolover:BestRioLover 1 8
My roleplay page and conditions
My roleplays are all F/F if you're a dude, you can play with me but as a female character
My roleplays do not all have to become 18+ but we can if you or I want to
Here are the roleplays I do:
Tickling (normal, hard and even mature)
Belly and navel play/worship
Forced orgasms
Belly dancers
I don't do:
Expansion (Breast, Belly, Butt)
Forced Weight Gain (In the belly)
Kid adoption
I accept the characters to be either humans or anthros/furries
Alexia: She's a 18 years old girl with long brown hair and glasses who likes to watch movies, play video games or go to parties. She usually wears belly shirts, have a sensitive navel and is very ticklish although she doesn't tell it to anyone.
Night River: A female black and light blue wolf who master magics and lives alone in the forest of Gariac. Due to her loneliness, she tends to keep the people she meets with her as long as she can. She's pretty shy and enjoys tickling or be tickled.
Gemu: A female bandicoot who is a
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 5 431
Autumn - Commission :iconulario:Ulario 141 9 Theran Girls - Sept 08 :iconulario:Ulario 80 6 Winter - Commission :iconulario:Ulario 67 1
Blu's hard Mardi Gras
It was Mardi Gras week in Rio and all the birds were ready to party for the night. Inside Blu and Jewel's nest, the latest was looking at herself in a mirror. For the occasion, she putted a beautiful pink flower in her hair, cleaned her feathers so that they were perfectly smooth, putted a necklace made of flowers around her neck and another one around her belly, and cleaned her talons too. She putted some music from a radio to practice her samba dance mixed with belly dance moves.
Blu then came in
Blu: Oh Jewel how beautiful you look! I see you are ready for today
She turned to him
Jewel: Oh, Blu, I didn't heard you. So, how was my dance?
Blu: Very good! Not a single mistake
This caused her to blush before looking at Blu's body
Jewel: Blu, we're going at a Mardi Gras party. You can't go there like that
Blu: Umm why not? How should i go then?
Jewel: Follow me
She lead him to another room where there was a table. She made him lay down before putting a blindfold on his eyes.
Jewel: I'm g
:iconalexthesuperowl:AlexTheSuperOwl 3 5
The Brazilian Peach Magasine
Jewel was in her house in Birdtopia, typing on her computer with excitation. Blu entered in her room and walked beside her.
"Hey, Jewel, what's up?" He asked her.
She turned to look at her mate. "Blu! This is so awesome!"
"What is it?"
"I just finished creating my own magasine after two days of searching how. I called it the Brazilian Peach Magasine." She excitedly said. "I've sent invitations to a few girls I know to join the magasine with me."
"Cool." Blu said. "Can I join it?"
"Sorry, Blu, it's a girl magasine."
"Oh, okay. And what are you gonna talk about in it?"
"Well, we'll talk about beauty, tickling, and dancing tips. We'll also publish videos on the magasine's website and answer our reader's letters." Jewel explained.
"I'm happy for you, darling." Blu said with giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I hope your magasine will work."
Jewel smiled and kissed his cheek too. She then turned her computer off. "It's late. Let's go get some sleep: I'll see if some girls have accepted my inv
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well I make stories and I don't make vore, nudity, kind of blood and violence but I do like making birds in bikinis alot. I have OCs I a fan of Rio. I'm a good crow, am also a fan Minecraft. also Ed the crow is me aka Eduardo. also I have a YouTube channel is…


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